Date for Autumn Meeting

The next LTAN meeting will be held virtually on Friday, 22nd October 2021, at 11.00am. We’ll be having presentations from the London & North Western Railway Society and The Bus Archive about their collections and activities, and a specially filmed video about the Great Western Trust at Didcot. There will also be an open forumContinue reading “Date for Autumn Meeting”

3rd LTAN Meeting

We held our third virtual meeting on Friday, 26 February 2021. This included three fascinating and informative presentations on TfL Corporate Archives during the pandemic, The National Fairground and Circus Archive, and the archive of the Merchant Navy Locomotive Preservation Society, as well as a discussion on the proposed surveying work. Thank you to allContinue reading “3rd LTAN Meeting”

The Aviation and Aerospace Archives Initiative

Our sister network, the Aviation and Aerospace Archives Initiative, has recently published an online Guide to the Archives of UK Aircraft Manufacturers Ever wondered where you can find the early minutes of Bristol Aeroplane Co or Hawker Aircraft Ltd, the technical reports issued by the Royal Aircraft Establishment or manuals relating to interwar Gloster aircraft?Continue reading “The Aviation and Aerospace Archives Initiative”